Two Bar Stirrup Irons

Traditional English Two Bar Stirrup Irons, stainless steel construction which will fit two bar stirrup treads. Ideal for showing.

Sizes: 4" - 4 1/4" - 4 1/2" - 4 3/4" - 5"
Material: Stainless Steel

Fillis Stirrup Irons

A very nice Stirrup from Fillis, complete with rubber treads fitted. These popular stirrup irons feature a weighted bottom allowing them to hang in place. Construction in Stainless Steel.

Sizes: 4" - 4 1/4" - 4 1/2" - 4 3/4" - 5"
Material: Stainless Steel

Sprenger System For Stirrups

A top end stirrup iron which enables movement in four directions which enables immediate release in an emergency. The Sprener System for Stirrups also offers more securit for the rider, making it far less likely that the rider will lose a stirrup whilst riding. These stirrup irons are also incredible strong.

Sizes: 4" - 4 1/4" - 5 1/8"

Stainless Steel Safety Stirrups

Very similar to a nice traditional english stirrup iron, only these stirrup irons have the opening for the stirrup leathers turned which allows the leather to lie flat against the saddle, minimising rubbing.

Sizes: 4 3/4"
Material: Stainless Steel

English Stirrup Irons

Cheap and cheerful nickel plated steel english stirrup irons.

Sizes: 4 1/4" - 4 3/4"
Material: Nickel Plated Steel

Movable Stirrup Irons

The movable foot pad on these traditional english stirrups allow you to keep your heel down more easily giving you a better leg position.

Sizes: 4 3/4"

Shetland Stirrups

Nickle Plated Stirrups for Shetland Saddles.

Sizes: 4"
Material: Nickel Plated Steel

Movable Fillis Stirrups

These stirrups from Fillis feature the 4 System which is coming so popular. A new standard in safety, these stirrups move in four different ways.


Safety Stirrups

Frequently used with an icelandic saddle, this twisted safety stirrup irons provide good levels of safety at a moderate price.


Quick Release Stirrup Irons

This rubber quick release mechanism from mountain horse is said to be one of the best safety stirrups on the market. Asthetically these stirrups irons don't look like rubber quick release safety stirrups.


Bent Leg Safety Stirrups

A great value steel twisted safety stirrup, these bent leg safety stirrups offer a good level of protection at a decent price.

Sizes: 4" - 4 1/4" - 4 1/2" - 4 3/4"

Jump Out Safety Stirrup Irons

These Jump Out safety stirrups are made of stainless steel and feature an automatically opening spring mechanism. They are of a very high quality and offer a good level of safety.

Sizes: 4 3/4"
Material: Stainless Steel

Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons


Rubber Safety Stirrup Irons

These safety stirrups offer the rider protection from hang ups as the rubber releases in a fall. While not the safest stirrup iron, the do offer decent safety levels at a cheep and cheerful price.

Sizes: 4 3/4"


Stirrups are a major piece of tack and a focal point for all riders. Stirrups are as integral to riding as the saddle and are vital in the equestrian world so why not take a minute to think about what you really need out of your stirrups for your discipline.

The stirrup greatly increases the rider's ability to stay in the saddle and control the mount and increase the communication in all disciplines. Stirrups come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials and are needed for you to remain over the horse's optimal center of balance for your given equestrian discipline.

Our range of stirrups offers several options for your discipline. If your discipline is cross country then why not choose the safety stirrup. Don’t put yourself at risk, by choosing this stirrup if the worst should happen you know you’ll be as safe as possible. If you like your dressage then why not choose a flexi stirrup which allows the ball of the foot to remain flat in the tread giving you the best leg position and a better chance of winner those rosettes. If you have safety in mind then consider which stirrup style is best for you. We will not only give you the features for each product but give you our honest opinion. Let’s face it- a second opinion is always needed when making a big decision.

Types of Stirrups for Horseback Riding

Stirrups are one of the most integral components of horse tack. They not only aid the rider in the mounting of the equine animal, but they stabilize the rider while atop and allow for greater control. It is thought that the Chinese Jin Dynasty was the first to use stirrups in pairs which were introduced in Europe during the Middle Ages. Mounted cavalry in warfare became highly effective thanks to the stirrup, and some argue that its invention was instrumental in the spread of modern civilization.

The modern stirrup is usually made from a combination of leather and steel or leather and composite material. The pair of stirrups is connected to the saddle by stirrup leathers, straps that attach to the tree of the saddle. Stirrups do not attach directly to the saddle as that would impair the rider’s ability to move their legs. By connecting to the structure of the saddle, they remain in place while allowing the legs to move freely with the motion of the animal.

There are two basic ways of using stirrups: short stirrups and long stirrups. Short stirrups allow the rider greater mobility whereas long stirrups allow for greater control. While the stirrup itself does not differ greatly in each case, the length of the stirrup leathers does. The faster the horse travels, the further towards the front of the horse the rider must be, requiring shorter stirrup leathers. Hence, in the English riding style, horse racers and polo players use the short stirrup style. With Western saddles, on the other hand, long stirrups are used to give the rider greater control of the horse. Long stirrups allow the rider a more comfortable seat and a sturdier base. This allows the rider to have more precise control of the animal.

Stirrups themselves present safety problems for the rider, whether they are seated atop an English Saddle or a Western saddle. An improperly sized stirrup can be problematic for two reasons. The foot can slip through the front if it’s too large, or it can get trapped if it’s too small. In both cases, a dismounted rider may be unable to free their foot if either happens. Safety Stirrups are an important consideration. English saddles have what is called a stirrup bar that lets the leathers detach from the saddle if the rider falls out the mount. Western saddles have wider treads so a foot cannot be trapped, and some have tapaderos, a leather cover that closes up the front of the stirrup. For both saddle and stirrup types, riding boots are recommended, for they are designed to prevent slippage of the foot.

Just like the different types of saddles, stirrups, too, differ depending on the riding style. It is important to have the proper horse tack for the occasion. Depending on the need for mobility or control, different stirrups will be necessary.


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